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Rahmatou Keïta - Journaliste et réalisatrice Nigérienne
Rahmatou Keïta – Journaliste et réalisatrice Nigérienne – Montée des marches pour le premier documentaire africain en sélection officielle au festival de Cannes (2005)

When I was a little girl, cinema was like magic in Niamey. In Lakuruusu, my neighborhood, the Queen of Sheba and Cleopatra, that we thought were Africans queens, were definitely White women.
They looked like Gina Lolobrigida and Liz Taylor. We were wrong. We didn’t know anything about our history before cinema came.

On certain nights, we were close to riots because Ramses II, alias Yul Brynner had resuscitated in The Seven Samuraï or Charlton Heston seen on the eve as Moses had become “el Cid”…
One should say that in those days cinema was a White men’s concern and White men in films were somewhat of a divine nature. Images had such power that we did not doubt one second what we saw an screen. Until the day our actors appeared.

The women were not vamps, and the men were unlike any of the Hollywood stars we were used to watching. They were ordinary people, with a normal tan and normal features. People were shocked.


Rahmatou Keïta

Blog: http://rahmatou.keita.over-blog.com

2004 : – I had this dream – documentry – 70 minutes – on postproduction. (Sonrhay Empire Productions).

2004 : – Al’lèèssi an African actress – documentary 69 minutes – Film 35mm / Beta SP (Sonrhay Empire Productions).

2001 : – All about psychanalysts – documentary – (Société de l’Histoire de la Psychanalyse – France).

2000 : – A school day at Gustave Doré – documentary 12 minutes – (Sonrhay Empire Productions).

1999 : – Just because of a shot ! – documentary 26 minutes – (Sonrhay Empire Productions / ORTN – Niger).

1990 : – Djassaree – documentary 13 minutes – (ORTN – Niger).

Rahmatou KEÏTA
Rahmatou KEÏTA

Sahelian, Rahmatou KEÏTA was born in Niger. She is Peuhl, Sonrhay and Mandingue. She likes to say that she is the essence of Sahel. After completing her studies in philosophy and linguistics in Paris and having dreams of writing and filmmaking, she began a career in journalism in print media and radio, before launching herself successfully in television. Columnist, television news presenter, show host and reporter. She worked with French and international television stations, including the TV magazine of Antenna 2: «Assorted cold cuts”.

In 1993, she decided to give in to her passion: writing and film. She is the author of a book on the homeless in France: “Homeless, without a place to live”, published by Lattès. That same year she began working in documentaries. “Al’lèèssi an African actress” is her first full-length film. Selected and screened at the most prestigious festivals of the world: Cannes, Berlin, Los Angeles, New York, Chicago she was many times rewarded for this film, which tells the story of the pioneers of African cinema.

1999 : Presentation of a television series on La Cinquième/ARTE, Cinquième rencontre: les Français.
1992-1997 : Conception, production and presentation of the magazine program Femmes d’Afrique on ARTE.
1992-1993 : Presentation of THEMA programs about North/South relations on ARTE.
1988-1990 : L’Assiette anglaise, Les démons de Midi : reporting and chronicles : ANTENNE 2.
1988 : FR3 / ADRI and TV MONDES : chronicles, reporting and presentation of cultural programs and TV news.

Radio: France Inter, Canal Tropical


– SDF – Sans domicile fixe . Editions Jean Claude Lattès, Paris, 1993.

– Miles Davis (writing)
B.A. in Philosophy.
B.A. in Lingusitics. Certificate from INALCO (Institut National des Langues et Civilisations Orientales. Paris).

Spoken languages: English, Hawsa, Zarma-Sonrhay (mother tongue).